Why don't you have an upcoming new title on order yet?
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We do order new print books before they are published, just not quite as far in advance as you may see them appear on Amazon, author & publisher websites, or other retail sites for customers to pre-order them (which can show up 6 months or more in advance).

For regular print books, we make our selections and place our orders up to roughly 60 days or so in advance of the release date for books by very popular & best-selling authors. For other new titles, we generally place our orders about 30-60 days in advance of when the books will be published. There are also books that we order closer to the publication date, or even after they are released, if they did not fully meet our selection criteria at first, but then later become popular due to appearing on a best-seller list, print and TV media coverage, book club selections, movie or TV adaptations, etc.

For eBooks, we do not place our orders for new eBooks in advance, so the earliest they will appear in OverDrive and Libby is the date they are released by the publisher. There is not a way to get on a waiting list for upcoming eBooks before they appear in our collection (although you can get on the waiting list for the print book before it is published). New or recent releases may also show up in Libby & OverDrive a few days, weeks, or even months after they were published as well, for the same reasons listed above.

We do consider titles suggested by patrons through our online Materials Request form, but we ask that patrons please not submit titles before the publication date, as we may have them in a list of books that we are still considering ordering. Also, if WCPL has ordered books by that author (or in that series) before, there is generally a decent chance that we will order their new book as well, so a Materials Request suggestion should not be needed for those. Submitting a Materials Request for new books by popular & best-selling authors does not mean you will be first on the waiting list when we order it.

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