I am a teacher who lives outside Wake County. How do I get a library card to check out materials for my classroom?
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Teachers who live outside Wake County but teach in Wake County can get a teacher card at no charge.

Teacher cards allow non-resident teachers for grades K-12 to check out materials for the classroom where most students are residents of Wake County. The library system believes that these students and their parents should not be denied the benefits of public library resources in the classroom merely because their teacher lives out of county. 

Teacher cards for out-of-county residents:

  • Our $25 out-of-county resident fee is waived.
  • Teachers are required to show proof of employment at a school located in Wake County (public, private, or charter).  
  • Teacher cards expire one year from the date issued and require yearly renewal.
  • Fines, fees and due dates are consistent with Wake County resident cards, and the individual teacher is personally liable.

Visit one of our locations to apply for a teacher card.

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